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The Typical constructions on the island

The Dammuso is the result of an Arabic civilization, to which we in Sicily are grateful, inasmuch as one of the more successful periods on the island occurred during the domination by these people.

Above all, in matters of the environment and urban development. The “dammuso” arose as a rural structure, and it reflects the peculiarities of this island: the wind, the heat, the scarcity of rains and the wealth of local lava material. All the elements that characterize these constructions have a specific function. The cupola roofs serve to collect rainwater in reserviors; the thick walls, up to 1.40 meter thick, provide insulation against the heat of summer and the cold of winter. Likewise, the small size of the windows and doors. Nearly always next to a “dammuso” is found a circular construction in lava rocks, within which fruit trees grow, protected therefore from the incessant winds that blow over the island.

Today the respect for this tradition, coupled with the creativity of a few architects, has transformed these agricultural buildings into completely charming and unique houses. The absence of elements common to our daily lives renders the experience exceptional: such as no doors between the rooms but a succession of alcoves and winding corridors inside. And not to mention the external spaces… prepare your eyes for a singular and inimitable vision.


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