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Some famous restaurants (Trattoria) in Lucca town centre (lunch or dinner about 15 Euros)

Trattoria Gigi, Piazza del Carmine, 7 - Tel. 0583 467266

Trattoria Da Francesco, Corte Portici 13 - Tel. 0583 418.049

Trattoria Da Leo, Via Tegrimi, 1 - Tel. 0583 492236

Antica Locanda Dell'Angelo,
Via Pescheria, 21- Tel. 0583 467711

Gli Orti Di Via Elisa, Via Elisa, 17 -
Tel. 0583 491241

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Lucca Museums

The Cathedral Museum
Monumental and archaeological museum of the cathedral of Lucca, Church of S.Giovanni, Ilaria del Carretto, Piazza del Duomo. Tel. 0039-0583-490530
Hourly May-October 9.30-18, November-April 10-13, 15-18. Entrance fee: 4.00 Euro discounted 2,00 Euro;

Museum of Risorgimento
Cortile degli Svizzeri, 6 - Visits only by appointment call 2 days before at tel 0039 0583 91636. Free entrance.

Giacomo Puccini native house (Giacomo Puccini foundation) Corte S. Lorenzo, 9 (via di Poggio) - tel. 0039 0583 584028 -Open from July 1st to 31th August 10-13, 15-19; from September 1st to 15th November: 10-13, 15-18; from November 16th to 31st December 10-13; closed Monday. An admission charge is made

Giovanni Pascoli house
Castelvecchio Pascoli - Barga Tel.0039-583-766147
Summer time: 10-13, 15-18.30 Closed Monday, there is an admission charge.

National Museum of Villa Guinigi - Via della Quarquonia ( beyond the church of San Francesco - Tel. 0039 0583 46033 - Atruscan and Roman sculptures, medieval sculptures. An admission charge of 4 Euros is charged, reduced tichets 2 euros. Open 8.30 - 19.30 -- festive 8.30-13.00 -- Closed Monday

National museum of Mansi Palace, Via Galli Tassi, 43 Lucca. - Tel. 0039 0583 55570 - paintings from the 16th to the 20th centuries. Open 9.00-19.00 -- festive 9.00-14.00; closed Monday. There is an admission charge.

Torre Guinigi
Via S. Andrea visits from October to March 10am-4pm; from April to September 9am-7pm - there is an admission charge.

Museo Botanico "Cesare Bicchi" Via San Micheletto, 5 - Tel. 0583 442160 - Visits only by appointment - Free entrance

Civic museum of Barga
Pretorio palace, next to the Duomo. There is an interesting small prison (14th century) below the museum.with some graffiti and drawings on the walls by the prisoners tel 0039 0583 711100 - Open 10.30-12.30; Sunday: 10.30-12.30, 15.00-17.00 In the months of July and August: 10.30-12.30 and 16-30-19.00 Closed Monday. An admission is charged


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Roman amphithea apartment with view in Lucca
Lucca historical centre view from our apartment in Lucca
Lucca centre Lucca square
Roman amphitheatre in Lucca lucca town centre
villa with pool near Lucca lucca countryside
big villa near Lucca rent this villa
around lucca apartments with pool
Versilia villa by the sea

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