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Trapani is surrounded by places of great historical and archaeological interest with breath-taking landscapes. The food and wine are utterly irresistible with their rich, intense flavours. The province of Trapani is one of the most important in ltaly relating to the grape-production and its about 87000 acres act as the 45% of the total vineyard area of Sicily. Besides the wine-growing is renowned for ancient times: wine vessels are found out in Mozia and they testify a wine production in 8th – 6th century B.C.
The town centre of Trapani is without doubt one of the most beautiful in Sicily and has a rich variety of historical monuments and buildings for the discerning visitor. Walking down the streets of the oldest part of the city centre, one can easily notice the indelible marks left on Trapani’s town planning and architectural styles by various civilizations.

FONTANA DI SATURNO in Piazza Saturno (14th century) is a fountain dedicated to Saturn the mythical founder of Trapani.
OSPEDALE S. ANTONIO ABATE in Piazza Lucatelli is the former 18th century hospital awaiting renovation.
PALAZZO NOBILI (the palace of the nobility) in Via Francesco di Paola was built in the 16th century.
PALAZZO BERARDO FERRO in Corso Vittorio Emanuele was built in the 18th century. PALAZZO DELLA PROVINCIA in Piazza Vittorio Veneto, was built in the 19th century. PALAZZO DELLE CARCERI in Via S. Francesco d’Assisi originally belonged to the Augustinian monks and then transformed into a prison in the 17th century.
PALAZZO FARDELLA BARONI DI MOKARTA in Piazza Matteotti was built in the18th century.
PALAZZO GIUDECCA in Via Giudecca was built in the 16th century in the old Jewish quarter. PALAZZO RICCIO BARONI DI SAN GIOACCHINO in Via Turretta was built in the 16th century.
PALAZZO SENATORIO in Via Torrearsa was built in the 17th century
PORTA BOTTEGHELLE in Via Cassaretto was built in the 13th century
PORTA OSCURA in Via Torrearsa was built in the 13th century.

In the province of Trapani we recommend you visit:

The Archaeological Park of Segesta with its doric temple and splendid theatre
Motorway 29, exit Segesta, approximately 30 minutes by car from Trapani - Tel. 0924952356

The Archaeological Park of Selinunte with the Acropolis and various temples one of which is in excellent condition.
Motorway 29, exit Castelvetrano-Marinella di Selinunte, approximately 1 hour from Trapani by car
Tel. 092446277

The National park of “Zingaro”
A string of pearls, seven kilometres long. A long line of peaked walls, harsh headlands, magnificent inlets, deep indentations, underwater grottoes and tunnels, low reefs, narrow valleys, fantastic pebbly sandy beaches that reflect in the uncontaminated sea of constantly changing colours; once blue now azure, turquoise, light blue, further out, a blue, the sky blue. It is always limpid, always calm. This is the sea of the Zingaro, a few kilometres of unique coastal landscape, splendid and prodigal with continual surprises as the visitor slowly advances along the principal pathway.
There are two entrances, one from San Vito Lo Capo and the other from Scopello, both around 45 minutes drive from Trapani. info > Tel. 092435108

Villas and apartments for rent in Scopello

The ancient seaside town of Scopello is believed to stand on the site of the ancient town of Cetaria, which got this name because of the exceptional abundance of tuna fish in its sea. The Arabs called that place “Iscubul Iakut”, and it was they who, after the destruction of Cetaria, restructured the tuna station. Now the complex is no longer working – the terrible activity of tuna fishing is no longer lucrative – but everything is still in working order, that is to say the stores, the farms, the boats and nets: they are silent witnesses to an ancient maritime civilisation which has now almost disappeared in the whole of Sicily. Read more about Scopello

San Vito lo Capo is a well-known seaside resort especially because of its beautiful white sandy beach with clear crystalline water. It is about 40 minutes by car from Trapani.

Erice is a charming medieval town 571 metres above sea level. The little town is located on the top of Monte San Giuliano, from where you can enjoy a splendid view of Trapani. It was inhabited by the Elymi, but soon after the end of the fifth century b.C. it was a Carthaginian colony and only in 241 b.C., as a result of the Egadi battle, was conquered by the Romans. It is about 12km from Trapani (20 minutes’ drive) or you can get the cable car from Trapani which takes 7 minutes. It is very worthwhile seeing the 14th century Duomo, the main cathedral; the Norman Castle; the churches of San Martino and San Domenico the latter now home to the Ettore Majorana Scientific Centre. The Balio is a much beloved part of Erice for both locals and visitors alike as from there you can take in the stunning views of Trapani and her Egadi islands. No visitor can leave Erice without trying the world – famous cakes and biscuits. Although these can be bought in most bars and cake shops, the most internationally renowned are to found in the Grammatico bakery.

Favignana is the main island of the Egadi Islands. The archipelago of the Egadi is made up of Favignana ( the biggest), Levanzo and Marettimo, and the smaller islets of Formica, Maraone, Preveto, Galeotta e Galera. The islands are easily accessible from Trapani by high-speed jetfoil in 25 minutes or by car-ferry in an hour. Read more >>

Properties for rent in Favignana

Levanzo is the smallest and nearest of the 3 Egadi islands. Part of the island has been designated a natural marine reserve and a protected archaeological underwater park for the wreckage of Roman and Carthaginian ships lost in ancient battles. The small village has 2 bars and 2 excellent restaurants. You can go on excursions round the island by boat and there are a few companies which offer this service.

Rent a sea view house in Levanzo

Marettimo is the second largest of the Egadi Islands. The island has lots of remarkable caves with clear turquoise water. We suggest a visit to the "grotta del Cammello", the "grotta della Bombarda" and the "grotta del Presepio"

Rent house in Marettimo

The island of Pantelleria is the second biggest of the islands after Malta which surround Sicily. It enjoys a Mediterranean climate with very hot summers and mild winters. It’s a wonderful place for fishing or underwater enthusiasts. The locals are famous for their hospitality. It is accessible from Trapani by a 6 hour ferry journey or you can take a 30 minute flight from Trapani’s Birgi Airport. Read more >>

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Mothia is a Phoenician settlement which was founded in the 8th century BCE. It was one of the most important centres for trade in the ancient world and is accessible by boat across a lagoon. Of notable interest is the sacred altar, the Cothon (a rare example of a man-made Punic port), the archaic necropolis, the shrine, the Museum and the so-called house of Mosaics. Mothia is about 20 minutes by car from Trapani along the Salt Route.

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To eat well in Trapani we suggest self service Palazzo Platamone (near Piazza Vittorio) there is a big menu with great quality/price.




The nearest airport to reach Trapani is Aereoporto Vincenzo Florio di Trapani/Birgi (about 20 km. from Trapani) offers direct flights from Rome and Milano and low-cost connections with Ryanair from Dublin, Stockholm, Barcelona ( Girona), Bremen, Dusseldorf (Weeze) and Pisa airports.
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From Trapani port there is a regulary service to the egadi islands with high-speed jetfoil in 20 minutes to Favignana and Levanzo and about one hour to Marettimo, or by car-ferry in an hour to Favignana and Levanzo and 3 hours to Marettimo.

For information and time table please visit: Siremar and Ustica Lines
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