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Aeolian islands

Lipari is the biggest of the Aeolion Islands and offers the most services and entertainments. Given its central position, Lipari is also ideal to use as a base to explore the Aeolion archipelago. It has 10.000 people and all the amenities, the Hospital and supermarkets, but it also has many quiet places off the beaten track.

Panarea is one of the smallest Aeolian Islands, well-known to islanders for its beautiful beaches accessible only by boat. The island is frequently visited by many VIPs.The population is around 300 people in the village of St. Pietro, small landing port on the eastern shore. Nowadays the prevailing activity is traditional fishing and tourism. The splendid seabeds are particularly good for underwater exploration.

Salina - After Lipari, Salina is the biggest of the Aeolian Islands and also the greenest and most cultivated. There are 4000 inhabitants and it has 3 villages each with their own council: Santa Marina Salina, where the main harbour is, Malfa and Leni, each containing shops , restaurants and various services. On the island there is the famous village of Pollara, which is 8 km from Malfa, where the movie "Il Postino" with Massimo Troisi was made.

Vulcano covers an area of 21 square kms and it is situated south of Lipari, separated by a stretch of sea called the Vulcano Channel. It is the island with the most volcanic activities: warm water in the Baia di Levante; therapeutic muds and sulphur steam water called "fumarole".
The crater is reachable by foot in less than one hour, it doesn't erupt and it has only sulphur steam. From the top there is a fantastic view of all the other islands. The economy of the local population, about 460 people in winter time, is based on tourism and wine-growing.

Stromboli is the most northern island of the archipelago, 12.2 square kms and it has a population of around 400 people. The island has a volcano 926 meters high which is perpetually active with some spectacular eruptions of incandescent lava that fall toward the sea. The population lives in the centre of Ginostra and Stromboli. The economic activities are fishing, wine-growing ,caper-growing as well as tourism.

Filicudi is the wildest of the Aeolian islands . Only 300 inhabitants in winter time, it has one of the most interesting prehistoric villages of the archipelago. The unique beauty of the houses and landscape add to the charm of this enchanting island.

Alicudi is the smallest island of the Aeolian archipelago and during the winter time it has around 50 inhabitants. From the pebble beaches long flights of steps go to the inhabited areas. There aren’t any cars and donkeys are still used for carrying heavy loads.

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