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Twenty miles from Naples, rising abruptly out of the azure gulf, is the little island of Capri, its shape something like a gigantic hour glass. It seems to exercise a peculiar fascination on all visitors to Naples, and few can withstand the temptation of braving the not always pacific Bay of Naples, in order to visit the island which has inspired so many writers.

The special feature of the Capri climate is the softness and mildness of the atmosphere. Without being actually relaxing, it is not so stimulating as the Riviera climate. It is also very equable, and there is no unwholesome chill at sunset, as in the former place, or even at Naples, only twenty miles off.

Capri is still drawing throngs of visitors. The island is packed with daytrippers throughout the summer, so be warned: If you're looking for tranquility, come in the spring or fall (or in winter, if you don't mind visiting a tourist paradise when many of the hotels are closed).
Capri's natural and manmade attractions are indisputable. The island abounds in hills, cliffs, olive groves, vineyards, and garden terraces overlooking the blue water of the Mediterranean. Naples and Vesuvius loom in the distance, with white ferries and hydrofoils zigzagging across the bay. Paths and steps offer countless opportunities to explore the island on foot, while churches, historic villas, and a ruin or two offer sightseeing opportunities for the ambitious tourist.

Capri has two main villages:
Capri town, in the eastern half of the island. A funicular ascends to the town center from the port of Marina Grande, where the ferries and hydrofoils arrive. Anacapri, a steep climb uphill from Capri by bus or taxi. Anacapri is at an elevation of 980 feet (299m) and is less overtly upscale than its livelier sister city. It's said to be popular with gays of a literary bent.
Because the island is only about 3 miles (2 km) long by a mile (1.6 km) wide, it's easy to explore on foot and with the inexpensive minibuses that connect the various residential areas and sights. Don't bother bringing a car unless you're loaded with luggage or have a fear of pierside parking lots on the mainland - especially in high season, when the ferries are likely to be mobbed.



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