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Rome - The historical centre

The historical centre of Rome takes a wide space of the city. It is limited by the Aurelian wall and there we can find most of the museums and monuments.
In fact, the several areas of the historical center are very different from each other and each one has its own story to tell.
Those areas are always crowded, by day as by night. Especially the most caracteristical piazze and around the most famous monuments. It is the ideal place to live in if you have no car to park. The traffic in the heart of the city is very intense and parking places are very hard to find. Not to tellthat the few ones that a car owner can find are very expensive.
Prices in this area shops are often much higher than in the rest of the city because of the touristical situation.
The same is for restaurants and hotels.
Hotels are often located in historical old buildings wich sometimes stops them from having the basical useful services, today common as lifts or conditioned air.
Amongst the most beautiful plazze: Piazza di Spagna, Fontana di Trevi, Piazza Navona, Piazza della Rotonda (Pantheon), Campo De' Fiori.

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