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San Pietro - Prati - Gregorio VII - Balduina

The Vatican basilica is out of the oldeast area of the city. But because of its presence, the historical center of the town has been increased throught centurys, and so, almost untill the periphery of the town.

Prati quarter in perticular became one of the most pleasant one in town, where antic and modern get mixed. The quarter is lovely and perfectly connected to the rest of the city by public transportations. By day as by night, there's a high frequentation in those streets. We meet as much tourists as romans. And at night, bars, pubs and restaurants are full. The area is a right choice to spare money and for who has a car. Even if a little expensive, parking is easier to find than in the historical center.
The Borgo Pio street is beautiful, traffic is limited and it is located at a few meters from the Vatican Basilica.

Gregorio VII is an adjacent street of vatican city. It's a quiter area than Prati but connexions with the rest of the city still remain excellent.

Balduina is also an adjacent quarter to vatican city but with a more modern architectony.

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